PhD positions in the Science of Innovation Lab @UNSW

April 26, 2018

The Science of Innovation Lab (SIL) @UNSW has some PhD positions available which include a tax-free scholarship 27k pa, we are looking for some new people to join us - we are a unique mix of research lab, agency, startup incubator and educator!  


About us:

SIL puts a unique, antidisciplinary spin on traditional academics. Blending together the disparate fields of neuroscience, business, psychology, advertising, HR, design, engineering and new technologies.


The lab works to create disruptive discoveries, services and technologies that happen at the edges, pioneering areas such as psych-engineering, gamified cognitive and perceptual testing, objective lab-based tests for intuition and the imagination.


We are building the field of innovation science, intersecting the study of Innovation with Psychology and Neuroscience (the fundamentals controlling human behaviour), with its practice, and translating evidence-based insights into practical recommendations for students, entrepreneurs, corporations and policymakers around the world.


We are interested in any qualities, skills or processes surrounding innovation e.g.  creativity, resilience, intuition, leadership, design thinking, purpose-based inherent motivation… etc.


Our unique approach combines the best from academia, business and the startup world, to enable and encourage deep collaboration across all groups leading to fast and creative progress and agility. This drives and accelerates our ambitious research program and application, yielding innovative breakthroughs in research and products.


PhD projects could be pure research, company based RnD, full or part time, we have many collaborations and joint ventures with industry and a PhD could take on such a non-traditional project, it could be a startup or product out in the world that is applying science to make the world a better place. The exact PhD project will be created around the individual. Standard faculty of science entry requirements are that you hold an honours or honours equivalent degree.


Applicants should send their CV or short message to joel@pearsonlab dot org


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