Psychological CrossFit

March 8, 2017

One of the main ideas behind CrossFit is to train and perform under real world situations in which you might not be perfectly focused and rested. For example, it is all good and well to be able to bench press a huge amount under perfect conditions, but what happens when you have just sprinted, skipped and performed pull-ups to exhaustion? How you perform will be dramatically different.


The idea behind Psychological CrossFit is similar. If you want to practice for a big speech, maybe a pitch for your start-up or all-important board meeting. Will practicing alone or in front of one person in your office really be good training? No! When you are up on stage in the high pressure situation your whole physiology changes. Your heart rate goes up, you sweat, your time perception can change, you can get tunnel vision, dry mouth, your tone of voice will change, speed of speech changes etc. The best way to practice is under these exact conditions.


In Psychological CrossFit we use various methods to induce the physiology to match your intended environment e.g. giving the make or break pitch. This allows you to practice in a real world situation and learn to be more effective no matter what your brain and body does when it matters.

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